P'CELL is made form a patented stem cell technology that is safe and healthy for all skin types

Our scientists use over 200 different types of growth factors and anti-ageing factors as the core foundations for P'CELL

Growth factors in P'CELL are extracted from the stem cells of white horse umbilical cords and placenta tissues. These cells are aged '0' and are capable of the '4Rs':

  • Regeneration

  • Repair

  • Rejuvenation

  • Renew

P'CELL is therefore highly effective, safe and fast in helping with scar regeneration, wound healing, wrinkle reduction and skin nourishment and can treat several skin ailments such as melasma, dry skin, bruises, acne, large pores, etc.


KenCare Holdings (Singapore) is a biotechnology company that owns the patent with the title: "Extra Cellular Metrix Extraction from Human and Animal Umbilical Cord and Placenta". It has been found that this is one of the richest source of protein and collagen. The company owns the intellectual property for the Umbilical Cord and Placenta's Cellular Matrix Extraction and focuses on the applications of this resource. Two reputable brands were created by using and in the application of this patent: P'CELL and JuviSkinCare. Both brands currently have their operations in Singapore and Vietnam.

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